May 2011

TESL Ottawa and TESL Ontario 2011 – Get in the Game

TESL Ontario 2011Get in the Game

  • The most inspiring presenter I’ve ever heard at a TESL conference!

    Thompson Language Center booth,  Sheraton Center, Toronto

    Thompson Language Center booth,
    Sheraton Center, Toronto

  • Brilliant. Would love to attend a session that gives ideas on how best to use her color chart and resources in the classroom. It is sometimes difficult to transition to a new way of teaching something.
  • The color-coding chart for vowels has been an invaluable teaching tool since this workshop!
  • Relevant and useful information. Practical with the theory to back it up. Groundbreaking.
  • The presenter’s ideas are very helpful in teaching pronunciation.
  • Some serious philosophical ideas operationalized.
  • I was introduced to an interesting approach to teaching oral skills, spelling…
  • Great concept for separating written and oral language skills and great tools to support the concept.
  • The simple fact that written and spoken language are not the same and one cannot be taught to effectively learn the other.
  • Judy was well prepared and interesting to listen to.TESL 2011 (2)
  • Clear-headed and dynamic. It was inspiring and provocative. It gave me lots to think about and some clear directions to go.
  • Judy’s presentation was the highlight of my day. She was wonderful to see, and her book launch following was a great success!
  • She’s a thoughtful speaker and I learned a lot from the presentation. The only thing was there were no handouts (but I did find the website helpful).
  • Energetic and passionate about her program. Very useful information and practical ideas
  • I was so impressed with the presentation I bought her books.
  • Judy is an excellent presenter. She is always enthusiastic and you can tell she loves teaching pronunciation to her students.
  • This is SUCH an effective way to teach students how to speak in English to be better understood!