November 2011

TESL Ontario 2011 – EPA Workbook Workshop

Warm reception for EPA Workbook launch

Warm reception for EPA Workbook launch

TESL Ontario 2011 – English Phonetic Alphabet Workbook Workshop

  • FANTASTIC!!! Best workshop I have ever attended. Would have loved it to be longer.
  • Brilliant and entertaining. Very generous speaker sharing resources and expertise.
    Acknowledging input from teachers and students.
  • The information, tools, and ideas were relevant and I have been implementing some of them at my workplace. I can see a big difference in the way my students are speaking and listening even after such a short time. It was so encouraging to see the breakthrough in them and it gave my students more confidence and hope in learning the English language.
  • The presenter was very informative and knowledgeable and she presented it in a very clear and interesting way. Her tools she developed in teaching the phonetic alphabets was great. Even though it was 8:30am in the morning, the whole room was full and I felt it was worth getting up early to travel over one and a half hours to attend this session. I did wish that the session could be a little bit longer so that more materials could be covered.
  • The book and material provide by the speaker will be purchased by our workplace. It will be a good resource
  • New ideas, comfortable learning environment, practical
  • It was relevant as I teach low level students who need help with pronunciation.
  • The method of learning vowel pronunciation was new, easy, and relevant to students.
  • It shows some ways to teach pronunciation in the classroom in an interesting way.
  • I teach level 1/2; the students would benefit from an easier method of learning pronunciation … I already have the posters up in the classroom to spark interest.

    Part of the EPA Workbook Team Geraldine, Sofia, Karen, Judy, Noreen, Marilyn, Monica, Kim

    Part of the EPA Workbook Team
    Geraldine, Sofia, Karen, Judy, Noreen, Marilyn, Monica, Kim

  • Pronunciation classes. STs will benefit from these tools.
  • Feel the workbook would be useful in the classroom because pronunciation is one of the problems for LINC teachers in the classroom.
  • Great practical activities for the classroom.
  • Judy used the pronunciation of the colors in English to sound the same as the vowel sounds that we are trying to teach. Her methods are simple and easy to understand. I will use her methods with my lower level classes to teach vowel pronunciation and help my students to learn how to pronounce words in future lessons.
  • The resources that we were shown and given were very useful and practical tools for in the classroom.
  • This was a well presented workshop and the speaker was easy to follow and give time for questions.
  • I have attended other workshops given by Judy and find that I always come away with more ideas and anticipation to apply what I learn in the classroom.
  • I really enjoyed this presentation
  • I had seen Ms. Thompson’s book and EPA Vowel Chart before, but enjoyed hearing her explain how it came about, how it works, how to present her Pronunciation Alphabet “system” and how to further develop tasks and activities from her resource materials.
  • Judy was obviously enthusiastic about the method/book and made the hour fly by
  • She’s dynamic. Materials presented are realistic, understandable and provide help instructors need to teach pronunciation. Excellent!
  • I have attended a previous presentation by Judy – she is a very entertaining and knowledgeable speaker; the content is great.
  • Enthusiastic and funny. I bought her books because I can see my STs benefit from her techniques.
  • Excellent presentation.
  • Enthusiastic; some nice pointers. Enough new information that I bought her books.
  • Well-organized workshop. The presenter presented it in an efficient way. She was confident and had good knowledge of the topic.
  • Great resource and presentation
  • Judy is very knowledgeable. She moved along at a good pace to cover her material yet I didn’t feel rushed and was able to follow her methods. She made it look easy. I think that I will need to practice at home for a while so that I can achieve the confidence needed so that my students have fun when learning pronunciation.
  • Judy presented innovative and exciting ideas for all ESL teachers.
  • She was knowledgeable and simplified the process of learning the phonetic alphabet in a manner which is very easy to understand and teach.
  • New ideas. Good suggestions of exercises and games. Presenter is humorous. Very good
  • This should have been a two hour session with more examples of classroom application of the Workbook. Excellent insight into Learner challenges.
  • Best session ever! I have been looking for some new way to help my beginner students learn to read & spell, and this could be it! I will be ordering the kit soon so I can try out the new alphabet by color – genius.
  • Judy’s ideas are clear, easy to follow, and surprisingly simple. I’m looking forward to introducing the ‘color of sounds’ to my pronunciation class later this week.

    Fran Marshall, Judy Colleen Ross, Noreen Brigden  English Phonetic Alphabet Workbook launch,  Sheraton Centre

    Fran Marshall, Judy Colleen Ross, Noreen Brigden
    English Phonetic Alphabet Workbook launch, Sheraton Centre

  • I really got the sense that Judy Thompson was someone who has seen it all with respect to TESL, and therefore it was easy to buy into what she was saying.
  • Very interactive and took certain parts to talk about which explained a lot to me and easy way to go about teaching in the future
  • Dynamic and enthusiastic speaker. Interesting project.
  • She is a charming and obviously committed teacher I can take what I like and leave the rest behind. I would go to another presentation by her.
  • Fabulous, good visuals, clever, well-researched ideas. Good timing, enthusiastic, believed in ESL teachers, very humble.
  • Judy’s work is sensible and easy to use in the classroom without bogging the students down with technical jargon for the teacher and students.
  • Great speaker, in short time given was able to show us how to use material, do wish longer to dwell on other aspects and ask questions
  • Judy was clear, concise, and straightforward, with a bit of humor sprinkled in. An excellent presentation of very useful information.
  • Great as always. Thanks for sharing