September 2012

Interview with Judy Thompson

Industry expert Judy Thompson talks about her book English is Stupid in a tv interview. In the classroom and the boardroom English is in demand and Thompson Language Center is all over it.

The History of the English Language

English speaking expert, Judy Thompson, explains that spoken English and written English don’t go together and never did. Writing isn’t speaking written down.

English is Easy

English is easy is not a widely held belief. I’m a native English speaker and ESL English teacher, and I’ve heard that English is a difficult language to learn all my life. When I was younger, I believed it – but not any more. It wasn’t until I dove into the language as a teacher (third career) that I realized most of the things I had been taught about English were not true. English is a much simpler language than I had been led to believe.

Spelling is what is difficult about English. Spelling doesn’t make any sense. GO rhymes with SEW but not DO or FEW and so on. For better or worse, spelling is the access to reading and writing. Fortunately for anyone learning to speak English, reading and writing English have nothing to do with talking.



Letters         26 Sounds     40
Rules           208 Rules        6
History         440 years History      1500 years


Let’s look at that more closely. Writing has 26 letters, speaking has 40 sounds; writing has 208 grammar rules and exceptions, speaking has 6 with no exceptions; writing has been around for commoners for 440 years and spoken English evolved 1,500 years ago. Hey, these are apples and oranges. Writing and speaking English aren’t the same at all.

It is becoming clearer how toddlers can speak English perfectly, but it takes years before they can read (if ever), and less than 2% of the entire population writes well.*

There, my first blog is nearly finished. I believe writing English is difficult (almost impossible), but speaking English is easy. Every once in a while, I’ll post fresh and empowering insights into how speaking works – especially how it can work for you.

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