November 2013

Pronunciation at a Glance ATESL Calgary

In my other life I bred and train horses on the farm where I live outside of Toronto, Ontario. We sold a nice horse to a wonderful family 3,000 km away in Calgary, Alberta.You can ship a tack trunk with a horse moving across the country. In Beau’s trunk I packed text books.

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Thompson Language Center at SAIT

Thompson Language Center at SAIT

Growing numbers of teachers in the West were interested in English is Stupid, Students are Not but the shipping was costly. Beau’s equipment plus 45 copies of English is Stupid, Students are Not went to Calgary in a horse trailer.

On October 30, I flew out to Calgary to stay with the family who bought Beau (they love him) and present Pronunciation at a Glance for Alberta TESL. I brought as many materials from home as a suitcase could hold.

The Thompson Language Center booth at ATESL was well stocked with a variety of TLC materials for teaching people to speak English. The conference was a huge success. My presentation room was packed and we sold every single item in our booth over the two days of the event.

Here is a link to the SlideShare PowerPoint presentation: Pronunciation at a Glance

Teachers in Alberta were so warm and welcoming. They confessed they avoided teaching pronunciation and didn’t want to take a course to be able to teach it. They were looking for something they could read over the weekend and start using on Monday morning. They couldn’t have been happier with English is Stupid, Students are Not and the Speaking Made Simple method. I was so glad I sent 45 books out with Beau and was able to offer the teachers great pronunciation solutions at a great price.

"I love Judy Thompson" on the board made my day:) The feeling was mutual.

“I love Judy Thompson” on the board made my day:)
The feeling was mutual.

Until next time,

Teacher Judy