June 2014



1) ENGLISH IS STUPID, Students are Not
teaches pronunciation and conversation in an easy way. The second edition (white cover) SOLD OUT in the Blow-Out Sale but the third edition is available from Amazon in Hard Copy and as a PDF from the website

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EnglishIsStupid_PhoneticAlphabet2) ENGLISH PHONETIC ALPHABET WORKBOOKEPA Workbook PDF cover

The ENGLISH PHONETIC ALPHABET WORKBOOK has photocopiable exercises for the 40 sounds of English. Over 100 pages of pronunciation practice and a special Language Index that guides you to the pages most important for your accent. The EPA Workbook is the companion for Chapter One of ENGLISH IS STUPID, Students are Not.

This edition SOLD OUT but the new edition is available from Amazon in Hard Copy and as a PDF from the website


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Teacher Judy

Color-Coded Pronunciation Solution for Crazy English

Using the EPA Vowel Chart color system is a fun way to teach the pronunciation of any vocabulary. Here’s one of the toughest poems in English. See how you do.

by Richard Lederer

color-coded crazy englishColor-Coded by Judy Thompson and the Thompson Vowel Chart.

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Pearson Roundtable Discussion in Amsterdam June 4, 2014

The Roundtable discussion was good. We tentatively touched on really serious topics without starting a cat fight. Pearson was looking for agreement and at the end they got very broad agreement that a standard test for English used globally would be useful. Pearson English logo

1.     The panel didn’t really identify that Modern English is no longer relevant to teach as the international lingua franca. Mercedes from South America introduced Jennifer Jenkins’ work. Ms Jenkins has identified a core for Global English. Teaching or testing anything besides that core is a step backwards as far as I’m concerned. The panel didn’t get this far into the present never mind the future lol.

2.     There was brief mention that native speakers have to modify their speaking and English is no longer their language that everyone else has to learn. That was a bold whisper and progressive.

3.     There was tiny mention of written English and Spoken English as separate with separate standards and testing. We were not clear on this – how could we be we were not clear on point #1

4.     There was a tiny foray into the difference between accent and intelligibility. The panel had no idea about this distinction therefore none on how to manage/test/resolve it.

The panel had no idea about most of these points so everyone was pretty gentle with their contributions. The fact that Pearson Roundtable invited out-spoken radicals like me really showed they were interested in a frank conversation and they got it. Click here

Good on them. Lots more work to be done.

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