July 2014

‘English is Stupid’ spotlights new teaching, learning approach

Language Learners if you Read English Here is a Book Review on a Good Book

English is Stupid, Students are Not SUMMER SALE for the second edition SOLD OUT. But the PDF of this AWESOME speaking guide is  available as a PDF for $14.95. Here is a review by the outstanding Eric Roth Click Here

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I can’t say enough good things about Evelina Silveira. She is a knowledgeable, experienced, professional in the art of win, win, win in the field of workplace diversity. I fully endorse her work and the great opportunity provided by her workshop. Sign up for her magazine! DIversity at Work

With more emphasis on managing diversity and creating inclusive workplaces, language in all of its dimensions is a frequent topic of conversation and debate. Whether you are dealing with language barriers in the workplace, planning to create a language policy, or would like to learn how to speak more clearly to people who have limited English, this service is for you.
Avoid foreign language backlash by creating a inclusive culture which CAPITALIZES on language diversity.
The appropriate use of foreign languages in the workplace.

  •  What to include in a workplace language policy.
  •  How and when to approach employees who need to improve their language proficiency.
  •  Tips for speaking to people with language barriers.
  •  Ways you can assist employees to become more proficient in their use of the English language.


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Teacher Judy