September 2014

I Jump Out of Bed Every Morning For This

I am 57 years old and the road ahead of me is shorter than the road behind. Lately I have been ruminating on things I have done in the past and started to think seriously about what I’d most like to be remembered for? There are some not so great things that could come up but mostly I have been a Mom, a breeder of prize-winning ponies and an ESL teacher.

As a passionate, innovative, outspoken (read – offensive) advocate for change in the ESL teaching industry it might be enough that I am remembered at all! But I hope it is for contributing in a positive way.

Truth be told, I resented having to learn about social media, making a Facebook page, blogging, ‘tweeting’ and websites… I was almost old enough I could retire without having to learn all that technology. Almost but not quite. As a technophobe it took me longer than most to establish myself and my business in the cyber world but when I did something wonderful happened. I connected with passionate, innovative, outspoken advocates for change in the English teaching industry from all over the world.

In 2012, the best and the brightest educators I had ever encountered met in person at the Lydbury English Centre in Shropshire, England. Eight teachers from six different countries presented their radical methodologies affecting all aspects of teaching English. It was mind blowing and life changing. At that time we decided to move forward as a group toward our common purpose and the Radical English organization was officially born.

Belonging to a group of driven, brilliant, like-minded English language pioneers has woken in me a purpose that has me jump out of bed every morning and will fuel me for all my days to come. As a group we are capable of so much more than any of us could have accomplished on our own. I’m proud to identify myself as Radical English teacher and know that being a Radical is the greatest thing I could ever be.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

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Until next time,

Teacher Judy

What’s Wrong with English Class Now?

Are you sick and tired of studying English and still not being able to speak it confidently? Here is some good news for you.

My friend Jason West of English Out There fame has a Facebook Group you might enjoy – I Still Can’t Speak English.

I have a solution for you too. If you are reading this post English is Stupid, Students are Not will make a difference for you.

EIS cover tiny It contains a simple new method for teaching people how to speak English. A training program on the book was available for teachers in Canada but EIS has spread so far and wide we decided to give everyone access to the teacher training sessions on YouTube. I am very happy to announce the YouTube channel of the teacher training course in Toronto.

English is Stupid Training video #1 – What’s Wrong with English Class now? Click here

Be your own teacher and get speaking result fast with this radical new system for speaking English.

Until next time,

Teacher Judy