November 2014

Who are Radical Teachers and Why are they Important to You

Radical Teachers simplify and accelerate the English learning process.

It was a really big deal for a handful of teachers who met on LinkedIn to make the effort to meet each other in person in order to forward English teaching worldwide. In 2012 this group met for the first time at the Lydbury English Centre in the UK and decided to form Radical Teachers. We all have special knowledge about English that is changing the way the language is taught/learned everywhere. We are Rita Baker (UK), Teresa Almeida d’Eca (Portugal), me – Judy Thompson (Canada), Peggy Tharpe (USA), Jennifer England (Spain) and Judit Tarczy (Hungary). This picture is from 2014 when we met for a second time in Spain. The group has since made a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel. We meet every Sunday on Skype and we’ll be getting together again this year. Since our first meeting four more teachers in this brilliant group have published books!re group interview snapshot title cream

20 minutes is a long YouTube video but might be worth it to hear the Radical Teachers introduce themselves and share about the moments of brilliance that drove them to connect. Radical English in L’Albi 2014 

Rita Baker – world’s foremost expert in grammar developed a comprehensive system for teaching all aspect of English – The Global Approach

Teresa Almeida d’Eca – first language is Portuguese, fluent in English she effectively bridges L1 and L2 with a simple trick that works for any two languages

Judy Thompson – uses the strong association between colors and vowel sounds to provide unprecedented access to pronunciation, spelling and confident speaking

Peggy Tharpe – the ebb and flow of important and unimportant underlies all English pronunciation, Peggy ‘connects all the dots’ of English sound, from vowels and consonants to public speaking

Jennifer England – bilingual in English and Spanish Jennifer realized languages are remarkably the same and only teaches what is different or missing

Judit Tarczy – first language is Hungarian, fluent in English she makes learning fun and developed an education program using a series of games

The scope and reach of radical teaching solutions is growing. If you are a learning/teaching pioneer who identifies with this group please introduce yourself. We’d love to connect with you. It is a very exciting time to be an ESL/EFL teacher.

Until next time,

Teacher Judy