March 2015

English Phonetic Alphabet

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Teaching Speaking Online: My TESL Contact Article 2015

Six point guide finalWho knew teaching speaking could be so straight forward?! No IPA, no grammar… this is a formula anyone can use to start teaching speaking effectively tomorrow. TESL Ontario’s Contact magazine published Teaching Speaking Online A Technophobe’s Journey to Online Teaching starting on page 56. The article is based on my TESL Ontario presentation from October 2014. It is loaded with content, materials, technology and guidelines for generating a viable career teaching English in the 21st Century.

Keep an open mind. Times they are a changin’ and solutions abound for teaching English more effectively than ever before.

Until next time,

Teacher Judy

I’m Back but Not for Long

Monterey Aerial view

I’m sorry to have been neglecting my website lately but when I tell you why I think you’ll forgive me. Changes, changes, changes. On the home front, after 22 years of blissful farm life in Caledon my little horse farm is up for sale. I’m looking forward to moving to the Niagara region to live nearer to my grandchildren in a warmer climate. Two of my favorite ponies are coming with me.

My business life will carry on bigger and better than ever. The book series that teachers are loving (English is Stupid, The EPA Workbook, the sound dictionary Grass is Black and the whole speaking curriculum Speaking Made Simple) will still be available as downloadable PDFs from the E-Store on this website. Webinars are a big feature this year. We are having a blast putting out loads of free information on learning and teaching speaking. Signing up on the website is the best way to hear about upcoming sessions.

The Radical English following is growing on Facebook, Twitter and  YouTube . Oh ya, we have been busy. Radical English is moving closer to producing webinars that will be available online. And on Thursday March 5, I am going to Monterey California for a week to work with the incomparable Peggy Tharpe launching eBooks!

Look for a plethora of pattern teaching systems to be available as handy inexpensive eBooks in 2016. I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time,

Teacher Judy