April 2015

Survey Says ESL Teachers WANT VIDEOS

We sent 2,000 ESL/EFL teachers a questionnaires asking their preference for learning new methods for teaching Pronunciation and the answer was a resounding VIDEOS!

TLC youtube channel screen save

Click here for the Thompson Language Center YouTube channel with 18 short FREE videos on how to teach people to speak English. The series is based on the internationally popular speaking guide English is Stupid, Students are Not. They set up cameras and taped a workshop of me (Judy Thompson) teaching actual ESL teachers at the University of Toronto. The $280 workshop is available to you free from the Thompson Language Center YouTube channel.
If you don’t have a copy of the Speaking guide: English is Stupid, Students are Not yet the PDF is $14.95 from the E-Store on our website. Click here.
Until next time,
Teacher Judy