March 2018

On The Spot – New Approach to Teaching Speaking

As a Radical teacher committed to Education Reform I get requests every week from educators all over the world who want me to review their new programs for teaching ESL. I review all of them but very few are really new, just the technology is new. It breaks my heart to see digitized 3D, same old, grammar-driven crap content repackaged and over-marketed. ESL has had enough of that.
Imagine my delight to be presented last week with not one but two new programs that are revolutionary and effective. On the Spot – Experiential Learning is reminiscent of Jason West’s ‘English Out There’ (that I have loved for years.) Here’s the first newbie I have supported in a long time.

This post got thousands of hits on LinkedIn indicating there is a strong interest in exciting new approaches to supporting newcomers function independently in English speaking environments.

Until next time,

Teacher Judy