October 2018

Disruptive Education for English Language Learners

How Do You Say? Dictionary debut at the Disruptive Education conference November 3, 2018. Free copies of the new release as swag for all participants!

I have a huge wonderful LinkedIn community. Periodically I receive requests to review ‘new’ ESL teaching programs. The ones I endorse are the fresh, exciting, effective approaches that I can see have merit. If stale old content is digitized and the author believes this is ‘new’, I can’t support that. Our industry is ripe for more than re-packaging the same old, same old way we have always done it.
One of review requests came from Anesh Daya of On the Spot Language in Toronto. I knew within moments his experiential learning approach was sound and I endorse it wholeheartedly. Niagara Falls and Toronto are not that far apart. Last summer Anesh and I arranged to meet at the Centre for Social Innovation where he has an office. We found we shared many of the same ideas and enthusiasm for progress in the way ESL is taught. We decided the best way to reach out, connect with and support other budding edupreneurs was by co-hosting a conference. A venue was chosen, date selected and speakers enrolled.
I’m very pleased to invite you to register for the first (probably bi-annual) Disruptive Education for English Language Learners Converence being held in Toronto on November 3, 4 2018. Here are our speakers!

The cost for the conference is $100 per person. There are some great perks and good swag for attending in person but the conference is also accessible online.
The link to register for the online experience will be posted soon.
The link to register to attend in person is in the Events section to the left of this blog. There are only 100 seats available for this event – first come first served. See you there!