“Everything starts with a conversation” – Michel Neray

Thompson Language Center was created to help people communicate effectively in English.

Located in the Caledon Hills on the outskirts of metropolitan Toronto Thompson Language Center is dedicated to a new age of effective English converstion. Founder Judy Thompson has an international background in education and has developed a simple, precise language model that instantly triggers efficient, confident, communication.

How Thompson Language Center makes a difference for you:

• If English is your first language, are you sure your messages are clearly understood by everyone?

• If English is your second language, are you confident and peaceful with your ability to speak it?

Answering, ‘No’ to either question identifies how Thompson Language Center can serve you. TLC is the only company in the world to isolate the unconscious process of how English speaking works, independantly of the alphabet, spelling and grammar. The knowledge of six simple steps provides unprecidented power and self expression to individuals.

How Thompson Language Center makes a difference in the world

Experts in Global English and the future of communication, TLC delivers the heart and soul of what business people need to know to connect effectively with the 1.5 billion people around the world who use English as their second language. Our pioneering methods and information have garnered success in boardrooms and classrooms from Halifax to Hong Kong.

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Get the most out of your workplace and your life with Thompson Language Center.