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Everything starts with a conversation” – Michel Neray

A modern-day crime is that more than 80% of the world’s English-speaking population can’t participate comfortably in conversation. Thompson Language Center was created to transform individual access to the global conversation.

Located in the Caledon Hills on the outskirts of metropolitan Toronto, Thompson Language Center has the picture on the box for how spoken English works independently of traditional school programs. Founder Judy Thompson has an international background in education and developed a simple language model that characterizes how every English conversation works with no exceptions.

How Thompson Language Center can make a difference for you:

• If English is your first language, are you confident everything you say is clearly understood by everyone?

• If English is a language you learned, are you confident with your ability to speak it to anyone in any situation?

If the answer was “No” to either question, Thompson Language Center has solutions. Understanding the six-point structure of English illuminates critical conversation breakdown areas. Learning times are slashed, confident self-expression follows naturally and the game flourishes when everyone knows the rules.

Thompson Language Center makes a difference around the world:

TLC around the world May 2014

The radical practices developed at Thompson Language Center are reshaping the way English is being taught from Brazil to Beijing. We are shining a light on the future of learning and the global age of communication.

Radical English Solutions

Thompson Language Center is a proud member of the Radical English Teachers Alliance a global organization of pattern thinkers working together to provide simple solutions for the challenges of learning and teaching English.

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