On The Spot – New Approach to Teaching Speaking

As a Radical teacher committed to Education Reform I get requests every week from educators all over the world who want me to review their new programs for teaching ESL. I review all of them but very few are really new, just the technology is new. It breaks my heart to see digitized 3D, same […] Read More


What are the Rules for Speaking English?

We are starting to accept that humans learn everything by finding the rules or patterns that are always true. We learn the rules for driving a car, cooking food, starting a fire, writing an essay, getting dressed, taking a bath, playing chess… Some steps come before other steps and there is a fairly simple set […] Read More


The Sh…t Has Hit the Fan in Education

Ontario College teachers are on strike and you can’t really blame them. Administration has been trimming the budget by hiring contract teachers at a fraction of the cost of full-time teachers with more money and job security and paying themselves the money they saved! 70% of college faculty members are paid $30,000 a year. Ontario college presidents were back […] Read More