Disruptive Education for English Language Learners

I have a huge wonderful LinkedIn community. Periodically I receive requests to review ‘new’ ESL teaching programs. The ones I endorse are the fresh, exciting, effective approaches that I can see have merit. If stale old content is digitized and the author believes this is ‘new’, I can’t support that. Our industry is ripe for […] Read More


How William Caxton, Robert Louth and Washington Irving Destroyed Education

In 1476 a business man named William Caxton saw an opportunity to make a lot of money by printing the English language. With no consideration for the 40+ sounds in English Caxton wrote it down using the Latin alphabet with only 26 symbols. He made a mess. It is because of Caxton that English spelling […] Read More


On The Spot – New Approach to Teaching Speaking

As a Radical teacher committed to Education Reform I get requests every week from educators all over the world who want me to review their new programs for teaching ESL. I review all of them but very few are really new, just the technology is new. It breaks my heart to see digitized 3D, same […] Read More