Disruptive Education for English Language Learners

How Do You Say? Dictionary debut at the Disruptive Education conference November 3, 2018. Free copies of the new release as swag for all participants! I have a huge wonderful LinkedIn community. Periodically I receive requests to review ‘new’ ESL teaching programs. The ones I endorse are the fresh, exciting, effective approaches that I can […] Read More


How William Caxton, Robert Louth and Washington Irving Destroyed Education

In 1476 a business man named William Caxton saw an opportunity to make a lot of money by printing the English language. With no consideration for the 40+ sounds in English Caxton wrote it down using the Latin alphabet with only 26 symbols. He made a mess. It is because of Caxton that English spelling […] Read More


On The Spot – New Approach to Teaching Speaking

As a Radical teacher committed to Education Reform I get requests every week from educators all over the world who want me to review their new programs for teaching ESL. I review all of them but very few are really new, just the technology is new. It breaks my heart to see digitized 3D, same […] Read More