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Get in the Game


100% of the students who participate in this workshop feel their ability to communicate improves significantly and they recommend this program to others.

Get in the Game is an scaffolding program for international students and instructors of multinational student bodies. Thompson Language Center has adapted its unique language learning system to meet the skill requirements of foreign students and their instructors.

This workshop instantly:

  • Improves student listening skills for better lecture comprehension
  • Boosts student ability to write more effectively when they write and speak more effectively when they speak
  • Bolsters academic and social confidence as students participate in their campus experience with greater freedom in conversation

          “Self-consciousness kills communication.” Rick Steves

To provide your student body with the language tools to belong and succeed in their educational experience Click here to book a1 hour or half-day workshop.

English is Stupid, Students are Not

Based on the book by the same name, this presentation promises to transform the participant’s relationship to English. This means never listening to, speaking or writing in English the same way again. For native and non-native English speakers alike, understanding equals power and this seminar reveals the mechanics of spoken English. Participants are shocked and liberated to learn what is and isn’t important for successful communication.

Vennglish finalHighlights include:

  • The evolution of the English language, and its future as the global lingua franca
  • The differences between written and spoken English and why it matters
  • The language patterns students need that aren’t taught in school

English is changed dramatically and the language native speakers studied is school is not the language students need today. Understanding the simple mechanics of conversation translates into a better quality of life.  Transformation starts here Click here


“Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back” – Chinese Proverb

Teacher Training 2.0

Teacher Training 2.0

Marlene and Rana 5Teachers are the driving force in the advancement of education. The biggest difference educators can make for language students is to make a difference in their speaking. Thompson Language Center (TLC) provides a pragmatic speaking system to augment any existing language program.

Rooted in the six principles of spoken English, this two-part interactive workshop offers:

  • Classroom activities and worksheets for the full range of student level
  • Strategies and techniques for teachers to add to their current programs
  • An opportunity to create your own Speaking Made Simple education business

Part One, Beginner (CLB 1-3)
Evaluates the fundamental workings of spoken English at the letter, word and sentence levels and includes a wide variety of hands-on materials

Part Two, Intermediate and Advanced (CLB 4-10)
Explores the abstract nature of English, particularly the impact of linking, expressions and body language on conversation

For student centered success outside the classroom Click here to integrate a leading-edge speaking component seamlessly into your language teaching program.