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Reddit – I am an ESL Teacher Transforming Education Ask Me Anything January 23, 2019

I’m new to Reddit so I’m excited to see how it works and I appreciate my marketers at theuncommonground.com for introducing me to new platforms for getting my message out there.  Read More

T4T Technology For Teachers January 19, 2019

Get more information and buy tickets HERE Read More

Disruptive Education Hack-a-thon November 4, 2018

What’s the vision for the Spring 2019 Conference? DISCUSS  LEARN   EVALUATE  COLLABORATE  PROGRESS To forward Disruptive Education we need your contribution. In what areas would you like more information and support? What does help look like to you? In what capacity are you interested in volunteering? The Disruptive Education for English Language Learners Conference on […] Read More