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Global English

The English language is the number one commodity in the world,trend hyatt clients 3jpg but it is not the same English native speakers studied in school. It can’t be. The world is changing rapidly as a direct result of the technological revolution that took hold after most executives graduated. English is changing too. Judy Thompson presents a comprehensive overview of the shiny new edition of Global English the secret language the world uses for business.

Global English offers:

  • effective language strategies that impact productivity
  • access to multicultural resources and markets
  • guidelines and tools for future growth and understanding

Critical communication machinery for an inclusive workspace is a click away. Book a presentation to get Global English working for you Click here .

Why Doncha Juspea Kinglish

Trend Hyatt 1Speaking isn’t writing said out loud. Venture into the world of the non-native English speaker and experience how English occurs for two billion people worldwide. Speaking and writing are closely related in all other languages except English. Students naturally expect English to behave logically and it doesn’t.

Why Doncha Juspea Kinglish Participants discover:

  • the alphabet, spelling and grammar have nothing to do with speaking English
  • the simple six-point picture on the box for how conversation really works
  • how to stay in conversation and listen effectively in spite of mumbling, idioms and North Americans speaking to fast

Attendees encounter English like never before. They never listen to or speak English the same way again. The presentation includes practical tips to bridge the gap between book learnin’ and the language encountered in the real world.  Click here to book Judy.

English is Stupid

Chinese Professional Association of Canada            Workshop with Judy and Morgan

Chinese Professional Association of Canada
Workshop with Judy and Morgan

Based on the speaking guide English is Stupid, Students are Not, this presentation provides fresh insights into the mechanics of conversation.

Attendees leave with a new perspective, appreciation and understanding of the differences between written and spoken English.

Highlights include:

  • the impact of rapidly changing language on corporations and education
  • resolution for the costly rift between conversation and documentation
  • a single sheet of paper with the correct pronunciation of every word in English

In the boardroom and the classroom, understanding this language at its source takes communication, productivity and possibility to a whole new level. Click here