Patterns vs. Details

Teaching what is always true about English or any topic is known as Pattern Thinking.This TEDx video provides a taste of the power in this new way of learning.TLC VC

“Pattern Thinking (known, in academic circles, as Systemic Thinking) is a simple technique for making sense of challenging situations and developing simple interventions for transforming them.” from patternthinking .com

Judy’s TEDx video highlights three of the most important patterns in English conversation rarely addressed in ESL/EFL classes. The old myths about English being a difficult language, full of exceptions… are blown away.

Some of Judy’s Keynotes and Slideshare Presentations now available on our Youtube Channel:

Pronunciation at a Glance:

Teaching the English Phonetic Alphabet:

Easy Pronunciation App Demonstration:

                    Radical English International Organization of Pattern Thinkers with Solutions for Teaching English

The internet and social media bring 21st century solutions right into the living rooms of language learners and progressive teachers. Follow for Patterns that solve every aspect of learning English from Grammar Triangle with Rita Baker,  Vocabulary Building with Judit Tarczy, Accent Reduction with Peggy Tharpe and many more leading edge programs.


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