English is Stupid. Students are Not!

Are you frustrated because you've tried to learn how to speak English, but you still feel isolated and afraid?  Or are you embarassed about your accent, or concerned about making mistakes?  You're not alone.  Many successful people have tried "old-style" English learning, and it hasn't worked for them either.

A new way to learn English pronunciation

English is surprisingly easy, if you only had the "key" to unlock how it works.  Our program and materials do this in a completely new way: every vowel sound within a word is connected to a color.  Grass is Black - Learn is Purple.  If you can learn the sound of each color, you can learn the sound of ANY word. When you are a strong, confident speaker, the world opens up:  It's easier to meet people, it's easier to do better at school, and it's easier to get a job.  (Easier is Green) Curious?  Look at our Learning Tools (below) - check out English is Stupid/Students are Not, to get started.

Learning Tools:

  • Past Tense Flashcards (PDF)

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  • Special Delivery for ESL (Printable PDF)

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  • Colors of the Alphabet CANADA

  • Colors of the Alphabet USA

More Learning Tools

Before & After

The History of the English Language

English speaking expert, Judy Thompson, explains that spoken English and written English don’t go together and never did. Writing isn’t speaking written down.

Interview with Judy Thompson

Industry expert Judy Thompson talks about her book English is Stupid in a tv interview. In the classroom and the boardroom English is in demand and Thompson Language Center is all over it.

  • Survey

    What is your biggest challenge with speaking in English?

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