Student Roadmap

  • Are you self-conscious about your accent or making grammar mistakes and these concerns prevent you from sharing your ideas?
  • Does English conversation include too much unfamiliar vocabulary?

  • Do native speakers talk too fast?

  • Are you passed over for advancement because of your English listening and speaking skills?

  • Have you been misunderstood without strategies to stop the conversation and fix the mess?

  • Are you frustrated after years of study that you don’t speak English well?

You are not alone

Traditional education programs are designed to teach reading and writing only. There is no reason why anyone would be able to speak English confidently, no matter how many years they went to reading/writing class.

TLC has spent years studying spoken English and the way it works differently from written English. We have a new and better way to teach the patterns of conversation or ‘the main features that are true of every conversation’. The Speaking Made Simple program is designed to help learners gain skill and confidence using the vocabulary they already know, it works for every level student. Hours into the program students are more comfortable approaching teachers, employers and people they meet every day! After Lesson 4, listening improves dramatically for every person in every situation.Six point guide final

Follow the Thompson Language Center Roadmap to Success:

1. Visit the free wiki  – to see what all the excitement is about and Request Access in the right sidebar to join and download the Thompson Vowel Chart, English Phonetic Alphabet and exercises for English sounds.

2. Follow TeacherJudyblog and @JudyisBlue on Twitter for new ideas, exercises, and insights into the world of learning English that affect you.

3.Order your copy of English is Stupid, Students are Not-TLC’s speaking guide explains six simple and absolute rules of spoken English. EIS includes exercises and answers keys which instantly result in improved speaking ability.

4. Purchase Teacher Judy’s Easy Pronunciation Dictionary App based on Grass is Black for Android or Apple products from your app store. This important resource provides color-coded  pronunciation for the 2,000 most common words in English.

5.Participate in a TLC workshop – Acquire additional instruction, share best practices and develop a network of English learners who share your experiences. Contact us for the next workshop in your area.

* Consider hosting a workshop in your area and attend for free or receive learning resources at no charge.