English is Stupid, Students are Not (PDF)

English is Stupid, Students are Not (PDF) FREE

Spelling in English is crazy! No one can speak English from reading it. English is Stupid, Students are Not teaches ESL learners to speak English using the patterns of language, independently of spelling. Employment, education and bold self-expression can belong to those who learn how English conversation works from the pages of this comprehensive speaking guide.

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7 Responses to “English is Stupid, Students are Not (PDF)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    has this book CDs?

    Hai Tran

  2. Ray Voith says:

    Thanks for providing this book. Do you use it as a stand-alone book in esl classes or with other books such as Ventures or Standout? Do you target a specific level?

    • judy says:

      English is Stupid works as a stand alone book for a Speaking class. It works great in 4 skill classes too. The system starts everyone at the beginning so the lowest levels can start pronunciation on Day 1 and the first three chapters are designed for them. The highest levels use the same program but work through the first three chapters quickly. There are three more chapters on mastering the abstract nature of English for Advanced learners.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this book no longer available in pdf format?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judy, I think you’re doing a wonderful thing by giving away this super-useful book of yours. THANKS A LOT!

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