EPA Periodic Table of English Sounds (Printable PDF)

This color-coded wall poster is four charts in one. It displays the written alphabet – ABC’s, the speaking Alphabet – EPA, the Thompson Vowel Chart in 16 color ovals and the ESL Telephone Alphabet in 26 pictograms on one page! Print PDF up to size 36″ X 24″‘

2 Responses to “EPA Periodic Table of English Sounds (Printable PDF)”

  1. Carolyn Tate says:

    As an educator, your chart that I’ve had for years, is always an eye stopper for students and adults. I’ve had one old chart for years, and never thought until now, to search the Internet for more of your products and valuable researched information. Now I can add more to my collection.
    Thanks, for the time and resources your provide.
    Carolyn Tate

    • judy says:

      Thanks, we have some great new charts too. The 6-Point Model for Spoken English is a road map where learners can see how far they have come and how far they have yet to go on their journey to fluency.

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