Teacher Judy’s Sound Dictionary for Android

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Teacher Judy’s Sound Dictionary for Android CAD $1.99

The $1.99 solution for North American PRONUNCIATION and SPELLING using colors as a bridge from writing to speaking – and back.

Demonstration PowerPoint click here.

Abstract: The problem this app solves is English is non-phonetic. Students can’t speak English from reading it. Dictionaries arranged alphabetically aren’t helpful. Two critical facts: English is stress-based, one and only one syllable is featured in any word and there’s one and only one vowel sound in any syllable. The Easy Pronunciation Dictionary app solves crazy English spelling by attaching new information to specific information students already know and by categorizing words by sound not spelling. This Android and iPhone resource works for all ESL/EFL students. It dissolves spelling and pronunciation barriers quickly and easily.

You’ll find the iPhone app in the Apple App Store and the Android app at Google Play.

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2 Responses to “Teacher Judy’s Sound Dictionary for Android”

  1. mary quintanilla says:

    hello, I’d like to know how works this app. the 1,99 is the price for what, monthly or what?
    how can I buy it?

    • judy says:

      The Sound Dictionary app is a one time only cost of $1.99 from the EStore on this website or iTunes for Apple products and Google Play for Android devices. The 2,000 most common words in English are categorized by main vowel sound/color so learners can look up how to pronounce words they know how to spell or find the spelling of words they hear. Students LOVE it.

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