SOUND DICTIONARY Pronunciation and Spelling App for $2.99

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English pronunciation has never been easier for every level of English learner. How Do You Say? Sound Dictionary app categorizes the 2,000 most common words in English by color and vowel sound. PowerPoint demo of the app Click here

Learners enter words they can spell but not say to find the PRONUNCIATION in living color.

Can’t spell? Neither can I. You’ll love the SPELLING feature. Look up how to spell crazy English from the vowel sound of any word.  To find the correct spelling of words you have only heard, search the COLOR chapter of the main vowel sound. Try it out!

Spelling and pronunciation are available from Teacher Judy’s Sound Dictionary app for $2.99.                        Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple products.

For more information on this system using the Thompson Vowel Chart in English is Stupid, Students are Not (pg 55) visit the FREE wiki