Learning Roadmap

Teachers who recognize the need for innovative programs to teach spoken English not only want to make a difference for their students they also want to upgraded their own skills for employment security…

ESL/EFL students and teachers benefit from the following Roadmap to Success:

Six point guide final

1. Visit the information wiki www.englishphoneticalphabet.pbworks.com to view or download free copies of the Thompson Vowel Chart and English Phonetic Alphabet teaching materials. To download or upload lessons and information from this collaborative site, click Request Access in the right sidebar and follow the instructions.

2. Request your FREE copy of English is Stupid, Students are Not by emailing your name to judy@thompsonlanguagecenter.com

(i) English is Stupid, Students are Not – explains six simple and absolute rules of spoken English, and provides a multitude of exercises with Answer Keys.

(ii) English Phonetic Alphabet is found in Chapter One of EIS including exercises designed to reinforce the 40 individual sounds of English

(iii) The EPA Vowel Chart visually captures the pronunciation of all English words on a single page and is free when you SIGN UP on this website

3. Participate in a TLC workshop – Experience OISE 2011 4accelerated progress, techniques and confidence inside  a growing network of 30-hours-to-learn-English  online community or by booking Judy Thompson for Speaking Workshops and Plenary Presentations.

* Consider hosting a workshop, speaking engagement or learning session in your area.

Attend for free and receive learning resources at no charge.