Sample Lesson Plan

Speaking Made Simple Pronunciation Lesson Plan      
Vowel Chart 5 columns gold
Title: What Color is Your Name      

Topic: Vowel Sounds     Time: 60 min.


  • Students can identify colors by name including Olive, Mustard, Turquoise, Charcoal and Wood
  • Students are anxious, they believe vowel sounds are too difficult for them to learn. They are excited about trying something new and hopeful it will make a difference.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Students will be able to distinguish and create the 16 vowel sounds of North American English
  • Learners will be able to identify the main vowel sound – ‘color’ of their own names
  • Students will feel confident about their ability to pronounce English words no longer having to rely on crazy English spelling

1) Warm-up: Vowel Chart review:

Gray /Ay/, Black /a/, Green /Ey/, Red /e/, White /Iy/, Pink /i/, Gold (or Yellow) /Ow/, Olive (dirty green) /o/, Blue /Uw/, Mustard (dirty yellow) /u/, Wood /^/, Turquoise (light green/blue) /Oy/, Brown /Aw/, Purple /Er/, Charcoal (dark gray) /Ar/ and Orange /Or/

2) Lesson
Inside the name of colors in English are the vowels sounds. Pronunciation is easy by color.
Hold up a plain Gray flashcard. Ask the name of the color. Repeat, “Gray, Gray, Gray. Can you hear the vowel sound /Ay/ inside the word Gray?”
They can.

Elicit more words with /Ay/ and write them on the board. Be sure great date, eight, rain, hey – are included on the list. Repeat the process with
the other colors from the Thompson Vowel Chart (pg 55 of English is Stupid)

The main vowel sound of multi-syllable words dictates the color of the word. JU dy is Blue. It is not JU DY or ju DY. Every word in English is one color. Ask students to determine the color of their name.

3) Remarks/Variations
Beginners learn 4 vowel sounds/day, Intermediate 8/day and Advanced all 16.
Videos and a Flashcard Word List of crazy spelling for each vowel sound are available free of charge from FREE & FUN on this website