What people are saying about Judy Thompson and Speaking Made Simple…

  • ‘English is Stupid, Students are Not’ is a must for every teacher who needs to help students speak English confidently. Recommended for all Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) Levels – Julia Chemali, Program & Resource Material Consultant Toronto Catholic District School Board Adult
    Fran Marshall, fairy godmother of ESL in Ontario

    Fran Marshall, fairy godmother of ESL in OntariL


  • I wish I had this program when I was learning English. – Shijing Xu, Ph.D. Faculty of Education, University of Windsor
  • The concepts in ‘English is Stupid, Students are Not’ are profoundly simple to implement, yet the successful results are simply profound! Be prepared to become a convert of an exciting new way of teaching people to speakEnglish. – Fran Marshall, Fran’s ESL Publications, Author, Speaker, Resource Consultant
  • By illustrating the foibles of the English language, Judy Thompson is startlingly successful at teaching foreign-trained professionals to speak Canadian English. – Sandy Leppan, Editors Association of Canada
  • The method is simple and elegant – like a paper clip. It is a wonder that no one thought of it before. – John Denison, Publisher, Boston Mills Press
  • Last spring you spoke at Renison for Waterloo’s TESL dinner. I bought your book and played with it in every ESL class I’ve taught since. It’s fun, energetic and I add the concepts and exercises easily to my lesson plans. When I misplaced my (your) book this week, I was lost even though I found myself quoting you verbatim anyway. The loss was so profound I was about to embark on my most dreaded task ever – cleaning my office. But when it showed up allowing me to further procrastinate on the above noted task, I thought I’d spend a few minutes shooting you off a thank you for the best teaching tool ever. – tryjj3, Waterloo
  • On behalf of the entire TEDxOakville volunteer team, thank you for making the first ever TEDxOakville the fantastic success that it was! – Sonny Jelinek, Oakville

    Shari White, London Board of Education

    Shari White, London Board of Education

  • Judy’s system is much more than a color-coded vowel chart. Her Teacher Training course shortened my own learning curve and helped me to implement her teaching system. Since that course, there hasn’t been a teaching day where I haven’t used techniques from her course. – Shari White, London
  • I think what is really good about Judy’s work is that she has presented the information in such a way that it is accessible to teachers and students. Her approach to the color-vowel connection is a very good one that is presented in a good package. – Gwen Zeldoff, LinkedIn
  • Let me tell you, I looked through that chart and I can’t wait to try to use it when I’m teaching online. It will really help students with their pronunciation! Thanks for sharing, Judy. Plus, you are a featured TED talk person! I feel like I’m rubbing shoulders with a celebrity! – Jody Bryant, LinkedIn
  • I’m a LINC instructor who loves using your awesome EPA materials and resources when teaching pronunciation and my students are tremendously benefiting as well! I was just wondering if you will be at the upcoming TESL Ontario conference in Toronto this November? It would be great to talk to you! Thank you very much. – Noelle Resendes, Leamington, Ontario
  • You are so kind to email me with info and compliments. I am eager to try that coloring exercise. Please keep on educating us to be better educators, ourselves! – Kristy, Ohio
  • I’m so impressed that you created the EPA. It makes so much sense. Good for you! Thanks for sending the word list and the blank vowel chart – it’s a great application for literacy students. We are definitely going to love those colored pencils! I see that the spoken parts are in red and the written parts are in black. That’s a really neat technique that you have for writing on opposite sides of the board in different colors. It’s a fundamental approach to everything you do in the classroom – I’m not ready for that, but I like it. I have figured out today that this is just one more tool in my tool box to teach everything else that I am already teaching….. am I right? This is a change of thought for me – I was thinking that teaching the colors and sounds was an end in itself, but now I don’t think so. – Barb D., Kingston

    TESL Kingston Workshop

    TESL Kingston Workshop

  • I thought your workshop was a real eye opener to the extent that I’ve been telling my students ever since – “the way you write English is not the way you speak it!” Also very useful was the fact that every word in English (just about) begins with a consonant sound – I never realized that! Now I keep telling my students that ‘ad nausea’! Anyway, I look forward to getting lots more ideas in the future and thank you again for your wonderful workshop. – Anna, Kingston
  • I love what you have written; it all makes so much sense. The poster is hanging in my classroom, and it is so interesting how the students gravitate to it once they have been introduced to it. Fantastic!! Cheers to you!! – Elizabeth S., France
  • First of all, your book is really something special, beautiful, inviting, captivating, and engaging. I can’t imagine falling asleep while reading it. Quite to the contrary. I found myself reading on and on. – Matthew M., Russia
  • Thank you Judy for listening to my presentation, and for endorsing me. I really enjoyed the first presentation ever in my life. It was a dream that came true today. Thank you for taking me seriously last year when we first talked on Skype. I’ve never told you about that talk. After we talked I had my worst headache in my life. I hardly was able to finish talking to you because of that headache. That was something like an earthquake inside my mind. And it was. Really. That Skype talk changed my life. – Judit Tarczy, Hungary
  • Just wanted to say what an absolutely brilliant idea, to connect the sounds of English with colors which gives students something tangible to work with! I am an English teacher in Spain who is specialized in English phonetics & pronunciation and have been struggling to explain the difference between written & spoken English for years. However, now, thanks to your wonderful teaching material it will be a lot easier to teach pronunciation – and it is so desperately needed! – Many thanks & keep up the good work! – Pamela Burton
  • Many thanks… It’s a great book!!! I love the clarity of your ideas. I am a curriculum developer for National Defense working on a language program for international officers from over 28 different countries. – Mary Lou, Canada
  • Thank you very much for your terrific workshop last week.I have just returned to Qatar, where I teach at a Canadian institution. Your book is the ‘treasure’ I brought back from Toronto. – Fozia Jamal, Qatar
  • Thank you for your interesting and enjoyable presentation. It was definitely a change from most of the training they’re typically expected to participate in as auditors. – Henry K., Royal Bank of Canada
  • I viewed the TED clip…you were absolutely FANTASTIC…WOW! – Jane Farris, Erin Radio 105.2
  • Trend school is proud to have your as a light to our school.- Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Sofia - Hamilton, Karen - Mississauga, Mary - Barrie editing the EPA Workbook at the cottage

    Sofia – Hamilton, Karen – Mississauga, Mary – Barrie editing the EPA Workbook at the cottage

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for bringing this teaching system into my life.- Marilyn Tucker, Toronto
  • I wish I wrote this book. I wish it was my picture on the back cover. –Stephanie Barnhard, Windsor
  • I taught my students vowels in 20 minutes. It worked exactly like you said.Huong Le, Toronto
  • Your methods have added such a breath of fresh air and a new dimension to my teaching. – Mary Wuergler, Georgian College, Barrie
  • I have been enjoying using your book. I must tell you that the students relax and really enjoy learning… – Brian Lester, South Korea
  • Innovative and practical! Lots of new ideas for engaging students and building their confidence. – Diane Hui, TCCSA Markham