TESL Ontario 2012 – Speaking Made Simple – Scaffolding for Teachers

TESL Ontario 2012 – Speaking Made Simple – Scaffolding for Teachers

• I got new ideas and am enthusiastic about implementing them in my class. TESL 2011 Judy Podium

Interesting and engaging

I could use the methods in my class

• It was good to see how the system could be incorporated into lesson plans and how to make those plans from scratch.

• She delivers a very usable message and great ideas to use in the classroom

• Spelling/pronunciation in English is very confusing for students – this can help them deal with some of these confusing problems

• Because speaking is the core proficiency skill, sharing ideas about how to teach it with others will never stop being relevant.

• Excellent! Great presentation. Practical and entertaining!

• A good analysis of pronunciation – the presentation was a little shorter than anticipated, but good, nevertheless.

• Good presentation. Some new ideas to introduce and others that are very relevant.

• I like Judy.

• I love Judy’s ideas, tips and presentation style. I always learn things that I can apply in class immediately.

• I thought she was fantastic!

• Lots of ideas on how to engage students. I particularly liked her advice to divide the board in half and show writing and speaking as separate items.

• She was very knowledgeable about her topic and very entertaining, but she went far too quickly!!!!!

• She is very dynamic – a delightful presentation!

• The presentation was very good with very valuable information. The presenter knew her material very well. Very passionate about her work.

• What an amazing teacher, speaker. Learned a lot, bought the books and am using them right now.

Excellent session. Funny and knowledgeable.

• The presenter was a wellspring of valuable information concerning teaching pronunciation.


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